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Since 2004 BlueSky Innovations has leveraged digital engineering, 3D models, simulations with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and finite element analysis (FEA) to drive rapid and efficient product development.This rigorous approach ensures that all of BlueSky’s products are SWAP optimized, subject to thorough stress tests, and built upon robust ideation principles. It also enables rapid prototyping and precision manufacturing.
The BlueSky Secure Cloud, powered by Windchill PLM, is a nexus for collaboration among our ecosystem of customers and partners.
BlueSky Innovations digital engineering and digital twin tools are integrated with the BlueSky Secure Cloud. BlueSky is committed to secure collaboration, and the BlueSky Secure Cloud enables seamless sharing of digital files, digital models, and rapid ideation between BlueSky, defense customers, primes, and subcontractors.
Furthermore, BlueSky’s engineering heritage traces back to both the defense and motorsports sectors. This unique experience performing CFD and FEA engineering work across multiple sectors equips BlueSky with an unparalleled advantage to meet the ever-evolving demands of the defense industry, especially emerging “on the move” and “mobility” missions
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Custom Engineering Services

In partnership with PTC and their Windchill PLM product, BlueSky TEK Services offers partners and customers access to a Zero Trust Fedramp certified cloud based collaboration environment. Windchill PLM is trusted and proven throughout the DoD and the defense industrial base for its intuitive cloud collaboration software supporting digital engineering projects. It enables our partners and customers to seamlessly share digital engineering files, models, and other important information directly with defense customers and primes.
We provide kitting and integration services for worldwide C5ISR deployments at our 20k square foot state-of-the-art Secret Cleared facility in Clearwater, FL. Many of our projects include BlueSky Mast products- portable and vehicle mounted articulating masts. The projects evolve to include engineering services and manufacturing of custom mounting accessories, adaptor plates, wire harnesses, as well as deployment field guides, and custom packaging. Prior to shipment…
Our services include digital engineering, digital twin model development, stress testing and optimizing from experts in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA). With our rapid prototyping process we go from concept to full-scale manufactured prototype in a matter of weeks. Precision manufacturing of high grade steel products can be quickly scaled up leveraging our advanced robotic manufacturing equipment.
Established in 2002, our business is proudly veteran owned and operated. With over 50 dedicated employees, nearly a quarter of our workforce consists of individuals who have valiantly served our country. We take great pride in supporting our veterans and their invaluable contributions to our team.

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